• An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Pre-training in Lifelong Learning
    Sanket Vaibhav Mehta, Darshan Patil, Sarath Chandar, Emma Strubell
    In Theory of Continual Learning Workshop, ICML 2021. (Spotlight)

  • Disentangling 3D Prototypical Networks for Few-Shot Concept Learning
    Mihir Prabhudesai, Shamit Lal, Darshan Patil*(equal contribution), Hsiao-Yu Tung, Adam W Harley, Katerina Fragkiadaki
    In International Conference on Learning Representations 2021.
    Initial version appeared in Neurips 2020 Object Representations for Learning and Reasoning Workshop (Spotlight)
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  • Towards modular and programmable architecture search
    Renato Negrinho, Darshan Patil, Nghia Le, Daniel Ferreira, Matthew Gormley, Geoffrey Gordon
    In In Neural Information Processing Systems 2019.
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